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How To Select The Best SACCO Management System Vendor.

You are reading this because most probably you are at a stage where your SACCO is looking for the best vendor for your SACCO management system.

Most SACCOs have a committee comprising of board members and executives who make the decision on the best vendor to work with.

If you are part of the committee, make the smart choice and put the following aspects into consideration.


Vendors’ Portfolio

It is obvious you will want to look at the vendor’s past work

How many SACCOs have they worked with?

Did the SACCOs face the same challenges as you?

What were the positive impacts of their solutions to the SACCO?

Always ask for the portfolio during the vendor recruitment exercise.

Go to an extend of planning for benchmarks with their clients. At this stage, you will be communicating as one SACCO executive with another. Of course, they will willingly share valuable information you need to know about the vendor.


 Your  SACCO’s Goals

The moment you decided that you wanted to embrace automation as a SACCO, definitely you had a goal in mind.

Whether it is to reduce operational costs, offer members better services, reduce fraud, or any other thing, you definitely have some goals you would like to achieve.

The vendor that you are about to select, ensures that they deeply understand and are aligned to your goal.

A technology partner who really understands your objectives will surely offer you a lasting solution to the challenges the SACCO is facing.

On top of that, they can be a source of value addition to your automation journey and even create a long-term relationship.


Vendor’ Experience

How long has the vendor in question been providing core banking systems or any other systems to SACCOs?

This is an important factor to consider because their experience is one thing that will make your automation process a huge success.

Their experience should also involve the latest technologies and trends in the core banking system for SACCOs.

They should have a year of experience working with SACCOs with similar challenges as yours, that’s the only way they can prove that they can help you achieve your objectives.


Vendors Support

As a SACCO, your core business is offering financial services to your members and not software development.
With that in mind, it is obvious that you will need continuous support from your vendor.

Systems tend to fail, no system is perfect. In case of any attack or system failure, the vendor will be there to offer support.

This takes us back to the benchmark you have with your colleagues from the other SACCOs regarding the vendor.

Find out how good or bad their support services are.

Yes, system failure is not a new thing, the question is, how fast and efficient can the vendors handle the issue and ensure no or very minimum losses incurred by the SACCO?


Product Portfolio

This is not as important as the above, but it is something you would want to consider.

Look at their product portfolio, besides the core banking system they are offering to your SACCO.

Do they have other solutions that SACCOs need, such as;

It will be an advantage to both parties because it gives a variety of solutions.

Probably you decide to work with them on your SACCO core banking system implementation, working with them in the future on another implementation will be easier and seamless.

This is because they already know your workflows, challenges and by then you would have created a stable working relationship.



You can’t escape automating your SACCO’s processes, especially after the covid impacts. To be on the safe side, it’s best to work with reliable vendors who can help you achieve your goals.

Make better use of the above pointers and I bet you will have a great experience with your technology vendors.


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