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Times have changed and most businesses have experienced the changes in trends and changing customer demands. Businesses that have been using Microsoft Nav Dynamics, are facing some challenges which led to the birth of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. Business Central offers more modern technology, tailored features, and a more agile interface than NAV. Here are the reasons as to why businesses should upgrade from NAV Dynamics to Business Central 365;


Cost aspect

Considering Business Central is cloud-based, businesses will no longer have to incur the costs associated with procuring and maintaining servers. This enables you to concentrate your budget on more innovative strategies and plans rather than servers. Once you have implemented Dynamics 365, updates happen frequently, and at no cost, ensuring you’re always on the most recent version.


Business Intelligence

Business Central 365 comes with the Business Intelligence feature that will provide you with all the relevant data that is timely and accurate so that you can make better decisions related to business. This will also help you to get a clear picture of your members/ clients and understand their needs in a 360 view

Business Intelligence

If you are planning for Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade to Dynamics 365 Business central, you need to partner with the best company. We are one of the best Dynamics 365 Business Central development professionals in Africa. Contact us to learn more about the process.


Data Security

As an organization and IT professional, data security is one of the main priorities when it comes to selecting the best solution for you. Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based solution, comes with a more sophisticated cybersecurity feature. This gives you ample time to focus more on coming up with more innovative products for your clients.


Automatic updates

The fact that it is a cloud-based solution, there is an advantage of automatic updates. Whenever there is a new feature, be sure you will always have it without involving any technical personnel on matters of updates and maintenance.


Modern platform

Dynamics Business Central 365 comes with a more modern and friendly user interface which makes it easier for your team to interact with. If your fear is on your staff catching up with the new system, then that should end. This is because, if they have been using NAV Dynamics, they can easily catch up on dynamics 365.

Dynamics 365

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