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Nicoza-Ecommerce Platform

Nicoza-Ecommerce Platform

Nicoza “Buy Africa Build Africa”

The Term NICOZA is derived from the syllables of the longest rivers in Africa namely Nile, Niger, Congo and Zambezi that flow across the African continent providing a wide range of economic & social benefits to the people of Africa.

MISSION: ‘Connecting Buyers, Sellers & Logistics Providers Across Africa’

The fertile ground for eCommerce in Africa is ensuring even local start-ups rub their shoulders with big players to bite deeper into the African eCommerce pie.


Inventory and Financial Management
Logistics Management
Digital Payment
Low Operation Cost
Ease of Product Tracking
Overcoming Geographical Limitations
Search Engine Traffic

Product Features

How does Nicoza-Ecommerce Platform help your organisation

Stays Open 24/7

One of the most important benefits of E-Business is the availability of the products for 24*7/365. By this way, the seller can increase their sales by boosting the numbers of orders. However, this will be beneficial for the customers also, as they can purchase their products whenever they need, no matter whether it is early morning or mid-night and they can make the purchase from anywhere be it their office or their home.

Enrich local sourcing; products & services

E-commerce retailers can easily keep a constant eye on consumers’ buying habits and interests to tailor their products suit varying consumer requirements. By satisfying their needs constantly, you can improve your ongoing relationship with them and make it long-lasting.

Financial &Inventory management

Better monitoring of Cash flow & Budgeting Integrations with Q Trade (Financials and Non-Financials Information Management System)

Sell across Africa

Online stores are not restricted to geographical boundaries like a physical store and so it gives you a platform to sell your product & services across the globe and target your customers without any location limit & restriction.

Digital payment system

Aggregation of mobile, bank and card payments for purposes of making payments and receiving funds.

Digital supply chain

Seamless movement of products from manufacturer to the consumer/kiosk while incorporating all parties within the supply chain.

Growth in numbers & values

Healthy top line & bottom line due to; Reduction in wait time for order processing, Wider access to markets, trade partners & information sharing, Alternative channels (mobile & online) to sell products & services

Cost Efficient

Last but not least is its cost-efficiency. Creating & managing an online store is much more cost-effective in comparison to a physical store as it optimizes the cost of land, rent, water, electricity, etc. An online store also eliminates the travel cost of a customer and provides ease full shopping experience both to the customers as well as the seller.

Platform for interaction & Real-time feedback

E-commerce provides an opportunity for the retailers to get real-time feedback, suggestions & testimonials of their customers. Positive reviews will create a strong brand image of the brand and will build trust in more customers to buy that product while negative reviews will help you to understand the areas of improvement and satisfy your customers in a better way.

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