Coretec partners with ERI to offer SACCOs olympic core banking system

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Coretec Solutions Africa is made up of experienced professionals in the Fintech space, whose mission is to improve people’s lives by helping Saccos grow and whose key mandate is to understand the vital role of cooperative societies in Africa.

For over twenty years, we have provided Saccos with digital solutions to help them overcome various challenges as well as provide better services to their members.

As new challenges arise from time to time, it has been a roller coaster and a learning curve for us, making us the pioneers and still the leading organization offering digital solutions for Saccos’ across Africa.

We have been at the frontline of enabling Saccos to comply with regulatory authorities while increasing revenues, deposits, and memberships with reliable technology solutions.

For the past 20 years, we have grown with the top-tier Saccos’, with the likes of Kenya Police Sacco, Stima Sacco, Harambee Sacco, and Greenland Fedha, to mention a few.



For the past 20 years, 105+ Saccos’ have benefited from our wide range of product portfolios.

Saccos’ have experienced an increase in their revenues by 65%+, a reduction in their operational costs, and an improvement in customer experience by over 80%.

Having worked with Saccos of all sizes across Africa, our products are customized to fit your needs and help you reach your objectives.


  1. CoopMIS (Core banking system) – This is best for tier 2 and tier 3 Saccos’. With 29+ successful implementations, this has helped Saccos streamline their processes and improve customer experience by over 70%.

“This by far is the best solution the Sacco has offered its members, vendors & staff for all the problems they initially complained about. Prior to this, the Sacco had tried some other software. CoopMIS by Coretec is a solution in its own class. Superb Support from the team we were given. We appreciate all of you for always being hands-on with your Support.”

-Lilian Aluoch- Ceo, Agrochem Sacco


  1. Dynamics 365 Business Central- For the past 20 years, we have successfully had 100+ implementations and upgrades.

“Coretec has been our partner and supported us since 2013 when we installed Dynamic NAV 2013 as our core banking system. Coretec has walked with us by according us competent and capable support staff in all our activities for the last eight years.

At the beginning of the year 2020, Coretec again supported Postbank Sacco in the upgrading of its System to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This was achieved within the first quarter of the year with minimal challenges, the transition was a joy to implement, and we are forever grateful to Coretec for the smooth transition.”

                                                 – Executive- Post Bank Sacco


  1. M-SACCO – Robust and secure mobile banking system that helped 50+ Saccos increase revenues by 80%, reduce operational costs, and offer convenient services to members.

“M-SACCO has rid members of transport costs. When we were using the former system before we adopted CoopMIS, those earning salaries at FOSA had to travel to Sacco offices to access their salaries. Currently, they make withdrawals on their phones using M-Sacco.

 This is a plus because there is no overcrowding in the banking hall when paying salaries, and the tellers’ workload has been reduced.”

                                              Sam Oluoch-ICT Manager at Fortitude Sacco


  1. Agency Banking System Award-winning agency banking system that helps Saccos get their services to the underserved members and increase their market share.


“We worked with Coretec Solutions Africa to implement Agency Banking which has given the company a major transformation and reengineered the business processes by eliminating manual loan applications, thus reducing the turnaround time for business, improving data accuracy, and eradicating cases of identity theft through the adoption of biometrics as a way of customer identification.”

–M’Inoti Nyaga Kimathi, ICT Manager, Greenland Fedha



ERI is a global fintech company serving over 400 financial institutions, from commercial banks, credit unions, and Insurance firms across 60 countries.

ERI is an international company specializing in the design, development, distribution, and Support of the OLYMPIC Banking System.

Operating in many major financial centers, ERI is present in Geneva, Zurich, Lugano, London, Luxembourg, Singapore, and Paris. The company is focused on providing comprehensive, high-quality software serviced by ERI’s effective system implementation team and efficient ongoing worldwide maintenance and Support.

More than 400 banks and financial institutions across over 60 countries have chosen the OLYMPIC Banking System.



Most Tier 1 Saccos have become so aggressive, and they are outgrowing their current systems. They need a robust, secured, scalable, and world-class core banking system to keep up with the increasing number of members and transactions.

The OLYMPIC Core Banking system comes with all the benefits Tier 1 Saccos and Commercial banks need. From features such as security, integrations, open APIs, and processing speed. The system can handle over a million transactions simultaneously without compromising a user or customer experience.

Both Coretec and ERI have decades of experience serving the financial service industry. Therefore, a collaboration of the two teams will ensure rapid growth in the industry and better experiences for Tier 1 Saccos members across the continent.

As Coretec, we have worked with 105+ Saccos’ for 20 years, and we understand their challenges, processes, and objectives. ERI comes with the necessary technology. We have the implementation, customization, and Support capabilities required to get the Saccos and commercial banks to the next level using OLYMPIC Core Banking System.


OLYMPIC Core Banking System

Olympic is an integrated, real-time core banking and wealth management software package.

With its wide range of functions and state-of-the-art technology, OLYMPIC Banking System responds to the challenges of different credit unions and financial sectors.

Whether your institution is a credit union, commercial bank, or a business focusing on retail banking, private banking, corporate banking, brokerage, or custody services, OLYMPIC Banking System helps you streamline and digitize complex processes from front to back office, unlocking your institution’s full growth potential.


Global Rating for Olympic Core Banking System

olympic core banking system ratings on g2


  • Lower operational costs -Faster and more straightforward implementation delivers seamless processes, driving automation at scale and allowing staff to focus on the key business objective: client satisfaction.
  • Real-time SRP– Future-proof your business by providing the correct data, information, or service at the right time.
  • Personalized services– Consolidate and analyze data to respond to client’s specific needs, increasing customer acquisition and loyalty thanks to a quicker, smoother experience regardless of the channel used.
  • Agility & Scalability– Eliminate complexity and ensure 24×7 business continuity with a scalable and integrated solution. Standardize your IT service by leveraging a SaaS model for increased operational efficiency and workforce productivity.
  • Diversified Servicing– The extensive functionalities offered by APIs will allow banks and financial institutions to widen their service offerings and attract new customer segments.
  • Eliminate compliance risks– Automatically embed regulatory constraints into workflows, ensuring the activities performed fully comply with all major regulatory and legal initiatives.
  • Streamlined & flexible– Benefit from a single, centralized entry point, allowing institutions to connect and reconcile with satellite and ancillary solutions. Benefit from international best practices and know-how to streamline workflows.
  • Open Architecture– Harmonize and enrich user experiences, simplify workflows and easily integrate fintech applications thanks to APIs.
  • Secured System– Manage a unified database as the single source of truth for your data to stay in control and ensure data consistency and security.
  • Parameter Driven– Providing Support for multi-currency, multi-language, multi-entity, and multi-time zone requirements, adapting to each client’s specific business requirements.


Olympic Core Banking System Integrations

Olympic core banking system integrations



The solution to SACCOs is to use reliable technology to simplify complex challenges. That is the sole goal of our partnership with ERI.

The partnership takes Coretec’s digital lending, mobile banking, agency banking, and ATM banking capabilities and integrates them with ERI’s OLYMPIC Banking System.

The result addresses Saccos’ need to automate, secure, and manage their members’ data and activities. We will help Saccos streamline their business, reduce costs, and modernize their processes while bringing additional value to their members.


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