How SACCOs can Increase Deposits Using A Reliable SACCO Management System

Reliable sacco management system

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How SACCOs can Increase Deposits Using A Reliable SACCO Management System.

An increase in deposits is a good thing for any financial institution. A reliable SACCO Management System will help you achieve that.

SACCO operations are becoming more demanding, and members want to put their savings where they feel secure and profitable.

To add, there has been an increase in loan defaulters amongst SACCO members.

In this post, I will share with you how you can increase deposit rates for your SACCO.



Have a good online presence

Online presence for your SACCO simply means having active social media pages/ accounts and a good website.

Besides using these platforms as marketing tools, prospective members can get more information about the SACCO there and share their details for registration.

Your website should have an extension of the members’ portal.

Through the portal, prospective members can conduct self-registration and invite their friends and relatives.

A good online presence will also help you boost Sacco’s credibility by;

  1. Showcasing some of the SACCOs projects
  2.  Success stories from members
  3. SACCO’s annual financial performance
  4. The board and SACCO’s management etc


Understand Your Members’ Needs

You can’t help anyone solve a problem you don’t know about.

The same principle applies to your SACCO and the members.

You must understand their needs and objectives to be able to members and help them reach their goals.

You can do this by simply using a SACCO system that supports business analytics. This will help you understand your members and profile them according to their needs and goals.

Combine this with surveys from your current members. You can conduct surveys either online, offline in the banking halls, or both.

For online surveys, you can use free platforms like Google Forms.

From this exercise, you can be able to get data like;

  1. Deposit and withdrawal frequencies
  2. Optimal times when deposits are high
  3. Products or services that are in high demand
  4. Areas that need improvements to serve members better

You can therefore use this information to develop tailored products to serve your members’ needs and improve your services.


Make Use of Mobile Banking

SACCOs that use mobile banking systems improve their services, memberships, and revenues.
Check out the below case studies.

How Lainisha SACCO Improved Their Revenues By 85% And Increased Their Membership By 75% Using Our Solutions


How Wakenya Pamoja SACCO Increased Their Revenues By 20% And Their Membership Base By 10% Using Our Solutions


When you offer your members a convenient way of making deposits, they will end up increasing their deposit rates.

This will be a win-win situation for both the SACCO and members because;

  • Members will end up saving more, with will help them achieve their goals quicker.
  • The SACCO will have more cash on hold to invest in profitable projects and offer loans to more members.

Since the introduction of M-Sacco, it has become a great innovation for the SACCO to create convenient and effective personal banking solutions for members. This platform enabled us to roll out a new loan product – The ‘Jiokoe loan’. The platform introduces the ‘do it yourself’ concept that affords members the ability to transact from anywhere, any time, and from their own comfort. Members can make payments, check balances, and transfer funds from the M-Sacco wallet to M-Pesa accounts. In addition to bringing efficiency in terms of access of funds to our members, the Jiokoe loan has greatly increased profitability increased loan book.

Josephine Maingi
Postbank Sacco Society Ltd

Empower Your Team with The Right Tools

Your team in the SACCO directly affects the kind of service your members get hence revenues.

Using a good SACCO Management System, your team can serve members quicker and in an efficient manner. This is because they are working conveniently by using the right tools.

A system that has everything your staff needs, eg
1. All reports required by the SACCO
2. Easy approvals
3. Easily accessible by authorized users
4. A good user interface to help them navigate easily to complete tasks
5. Secured to help them work in a safe environment
6. Reliable support etc

Also, consider your sales and marketing teams.

While they are conducting member recruitment in the field, they need tools that support them, register members quickly, and capture the correct details.

During such field exercises, most SACCOs tend to lose very prospective members due to the long registration process or capturing the wrong data.

Tools like agency banking systems will help your team register your members in real-time and capture the right member data.


Invest in Members’ Education

Financial literacy and investment education are the best forms of customer service you can offer your SACCO members.

If you invest the time and resources to teach your members about the importance of saving and the best ways, they will increase their deposits to the SACCO.

Once members find value in your services, they will want to save more with you so that you can work together to reach their goals.



Growth in deposits will definitely grow your SACCO.

Try the above techniques and use the mentioned tools to offer members more convenience and grow the SACCO both in revenues and membership.


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