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Young adults are entering the workforce at a rapid pace, and they represent a crucial, untapped market for Saccos across Africa. These young adults are digitally native, financially conscious, and eager to establish themselves.

However, attracting this demographic can be challenging. Traditional onboarding processes and a lack of targeted products can alienate young adults who crave convenience, accessibility, and financial literacy resources.

The good news? By implementing strategic initiatives and leveraging technology, Saccos can unlock the immense potential of young membership. This blog post will equip you with actionable strategies to attract young people to your Sacco, ensuring a thriving future for your organization.


The Benefits of Attracting Young Adults

Building a strong and sustainable Sacco hinges on a robust member base. Young people present a golden opportunity to achieve this goal. Here’s why:

  • The youth represent a significant and growing demographic. By attracting them, you significantly expand your potential membership pool, fostering a healthy financial ecosystem within your Sacco.
  • Nurturing young people from the outset fosters a sense of loyalty and familiarity with your Sacco. This translates to long-term membership, securing a stable financial foundation for your organization.
  • Young adults bring a unique perspective and a tech-savvy approach to finance. Their inclusion can spark creative solutions and drive innovation within your Sacco.
  • Young people have distinct financial needs. By catering to these needs, you establish your Sacco as a relevant and adaptable financial partner.


Strategies for Attracting Young Adults





Making Membership Easy with Digital Onboarding

A cumbersome membership application process can be a major turnoff to this demographic. This is where a seamless digital membership onboarding process becomes crucial.

Imagine this: a potential young member discovers your Sacco online. Within minutes, they can complete a user-friendly online application form directly from their smartphone or computer. This eliminates the need for lengthy paperwork and in-person visits, making membership accessible and appealing.

Here’s how a good core banking system can empower a smooth digital onboarding experience.

  • Online application forms-  Through the members’ portal, new members should be able to fill in their details, attach required documents, pay the application fee, and complete the whole process at once.
  • Real-time processing- The portal should be integrated with your core banking system, allowing member information to be entered into your database automatically without any human intervention.
  •  Integrated population registration system (IPRS) integration-  Use the data the new member enters, such as their ID number, photos, phone number, and other required documents, to authenticate the application.
  • Instant feedback – Provide the new member with instant feedback in the form of an SMS or email to confirm their registration and encourage them to start saving and investing actively with your Sacco. This fosters transparency and builds trust with young adults.

When you prioritize a digital onboarding process facilitated by your core banking system, your Sacco demonstrates its commitment to convenience and caters perfectly to the tech-savvy preferences of young adults.




Make it Easier for them to Access Your Services.

The young generation is glued to their phones. They manage their social lives, education, and entertainment – all on the go. This mobile-first approach extends to their finances as well. Offering a robust mobile banking system is no longer a luxury for Saccos, it’s a necessity.

Imagine a young member checking their account balance while waiting for a bus, transferring funds to a friend with a few taps, or paying a bill during their lunch break. A user-friendly mobile banking system empowers your members to manage their finances seamlessly, anytime, anywhere.

By providing a feature-rich mobile banking system, your Sacco demonstrates its understanding of the on-the-go lifestyle of young adults and positions itself as a modern and accessible financial partner.


Empowering Young Members with Financial Literacy Programs.

Young people are financially conscious, but they may lack the financial literacy to navigate complex financial decisions. This presents a unique opportunity for Saccos. By offering financial literacy programs, you can establish yourself as a trusted advisor and build strong relationships with young members.

Imagine a young member unsure about budgeting or hesitant to invest. Your Sacco can offer workshops or online resources that break down these concepts into easy-to-understand modules. This empowers them to make informed financial decisions and fosters a sense of trust and partnership with your Sacco.

Investing in financial literacy programs demonstrates your Sacco’s commitment to the well-being of young members. This builds trust and positions your Sacco as a partner in their financial journey, ultimately leading to increased membership and long-term loyalty.



Tailored Products and Services for their Needs

Young adults have distinct financial goals and challenges. To truly resonate with them, your Sacco needs to offer products and services that cater specifically to their needs.

Here are some examples:

  • Student Loans – Many youths require financial assistance for higher education. Providing competitive student loan options with flexible repayment plans demonstrates your Sacco’s understanding of their needs.
  • Micro-Savings Accounts – They may be starting their careers and may not have large sums to save. Offering micro-savings accounts with low minimum deposits encourages them to develop a savings habit early on.


Your core banking system plays a vital role in managing these targeted products efficiently:

  • Product customization.  A robust core banking system allows for the creation and configuration of these specialized products with customized interest rates, fees, and repayment structures.
  • Automated processes. Streamline loan application processes, account opening, and transaction processing with automation features within your core banking system. This ensures efficiency and reduces administrative burden.
  • Detailed reporting. Utilize reporting functionalities to track the performance of targeted products and services. This allows you to analyze their effectiveness and make data-driven decisions to further optimize your offerings for young adults.

By providing targeted products and services alongside efficient management through your core banking system, your Sacco demonstrates its commitment to supporting young people on their financial journeys. This fosters loyalty and positions you as a partner in their financial success.


Engage on Social Media

Social media is the beating heart of the online world for many young people. It’s where they connect with friends, consume information, and discover new trends. For Saccos looking to reach this demographic, establishing a strong social media presence is essential.

Imagine a young adult scrolling through their social media feed. Suddenly, they see an engaging post from your Sacco offering financial tips on budgeting for their first apartment. Intrigued, they click on your profile, discovering informative content and exciting contests. This is the power of social media engagement.

Here’s how your Sacco can leverage social media platforms to connect with this young demographic;

  • Create engaging content – Develop a content strategy that resonates with young adults. This could include bite-sized financial tips, explainer videos on saving and investing, or even lighthearted contests with prizes relevant to their interests.
  • Run interactive campaigns – Organize social media contests or polls to generate excitement and encourage participation. This not only increases brand awareness but also allows you to gather valuable insights into the needs and interests of young adults.
  • Work with relevant influencers – Partner with social media influencers who resonate with your target audience. These collaborations can introduce your Sacco to a wider network of young adults and build trust through endorsements from trusted sources.

When you create a vibrant and informative social media presence, your Sacco positions itself as a relatable and approachable financial partner. This fosters brand awareness, sparks conversations, and ultimately attracts young people to your Sacco.



Leverage the Power of Referral Programs

Word-of-mouth marketing is a powerful tool, and referral programs tap into its potential. Studies show that young people are more likely to trust recommendations from friends and family. When you implement a referral program, you can incentivize existing young members to spread the word about your Sacco, attracting their peers.

Imagine a young member who loves your Sacco’s mobile banking app and financial literacy workshops. A well-structured referral program allows them to earn rewards for referring their friends. This creates a win-win situation: your Sacco gains new young members, and your existing member is rewarded for their loyalty.

Here’s how your Sacco can design a referral program that resonates with young adults:

  • Referral bonuses- Offer attractive referral bonuses for both the referrer and the referred member. These bonuses could be cash rewards, mobile airtime top-ups, or bonus points redeemable for various benefits.
  • Seamless referral process- Make the referral process easy and accessible. Integrate referral functionalities within your mobile app, allowing members to share referral links with their friends through social media or messaging platforms.
  • Track and reward- Utilize your core banking system to effectively track referrals and manage reward distribution. This ensures transparency and motivates young adults to participate actively in the program.

When you implement a well-designed referral program, your Sacco leverages the social influence of young members and incentivizes them to become brand ambassadors. This cost-effective strategy fosters member growth and strengthens your Sacco’s presence within the young demographic.



For Saccos, attracting young adults is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. When you implement the strategies outlined in this blog post, your Sacco can unlock the immense potential of this demographic.

The success of these strategies hinges on robust technology solutions. You can partner with a Sacco software solutions provider like us, you gain access to the best solutions to help your Sacco succeed just like over 70 Saccos we serve across Africa. Click here now to request for a call-back.

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