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SACCO ICT managers play a critical role in the success of the cooperative society. They are responsible for the planning, execution, and delivery of ICT services to both members and internal teams.

In the current business environment, ICT managers must be able to align their strategies with the business goals of their SACCO. They must also be able to utilize technology to create new opportunities for growth and revenue.

In this article, we will discuss how SACCO ICT managers can help in revenue increase.


How SACCO ICT Managers Can Increase SACCO Revenues


Prioritize members’ convenience

Members no longer want to make queues and they would rather pay a small fee for convenience. You can lead the SACCO to onboard platforms like mobile banking, agency banking, and Internet banking systems.

Over the years, we have seen how SACCOs have increased their revenues tremendously through mobile banking platforms. Considering that members would want a variety of options to choose from, it is best that you offer them all the available platforms, and in return, the SACCO improves its revenues through member transactions.

The transactions may include paying bills, fund transfers from SACCO to a bank or vice versa, and loan repayments.


Improve service delivery.

SACCOs can save a lot of time and money by automating processes such as loan applications, loan disbursements, and savings deposits.

Over the years, many SACCOs that operate manually have lost funds through fraudulent activities. This is because there are no audit trails and approval processes that indicate the activities and the individuals involved.

Also, many SACCOs have lost business opportunities through manual processes, especially in situations where members prefer taking emergency loans from other digital lenders rather than their SACCO. This is due to the slow and manual processes within the SACCO.

SACCO ICT managers can help by implementing software that streamlines these processes, reducing the time and cost involved in manual processing. This will enable members to frequently transact through their SACCO accounts hence increasing the revenues.

Check out how Fortitude Sacco improved their service delivery by 87%


Streamline loan processes.

SACCOs are in the business of providing affordable credit facilities to members. A good loan portfolio for a SACCO means that the business is doing well.

SACCOs can increase their loan portfolio by offering online loan applications. As the ICT manager, you can help by coming up with online loan application platforms that allow members to apply for loans online, reducing the need for physical locations.

The same technology can also help in reducing bad loans and improving the repayment rates of members. This is because when members are given a convenient way of repaying their loans, most of them will make timely payments.

For those who will be unable to repay on time, the system can help in terms of restructuring the loans and sending automated reminders to boost the repayment rates.


Provide multiple payment methods.

SACCO ICT managers can help by implementing payment gateways that accept different payment methods such as mobile money, card payments, and bank transfers. Offering digital payment options can help increase SACCO revenue by encouraging members to make payments quickly and easily.


Use data and analytics to your advantage.

SACCOs can gain valuable insights into member behavior and preferences by analyzing data. You can help by implementing data analytics tools that allow SACCOs to collect, store, and analyze member data, providing insights that can help in decision-making.

In the same way, your SACCO can also analyze its various loan products by looking at the performances and demand against time. This will help in coming up with new and relevant products, improving the existing loan products, and marketing them to the members.

Learn how Saccos can use data to their advantage


Improve members’ engagement.

Understanding the needs and wants of your SACCO members is paramount as this will help in member retention and open new business opportunities.

ICT managers can help SACCOs improve member engagement by using a member portal that allows members to access their accounts, view their transaction history, and communicate with the SACCO. This can increase member satisfaction and loyalty, which can lead to increased revenue.



In conclusion, SACCO ICT managers can help increase SACCO revenues by implementing various technology-driven solutions that streamline processes, improve member engagement, and provide valuable insights into member behavior and preferences.

We have worked with several ICT managers, and if you are looking for a solution to offer you all the above, book a free demo, and let’s discuss how we can grow your SACCO. 

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