CoopMIS SACCO Management System (Core Banking System)

The SACCO management system (core banking system) that helps you reduce operational costs, offer members better services, and increase your revenues.

"This by far is the best solution the Sacco has offered its members, vendors & staff for all the problems they initially complained about. Prior to this, the Sacco had tried some other software. CoopMIS by Coretec is a solution in its own class. Superb Support from the team we were given. We appreciate all of you for always being hands-on with the support."
agro-chem sacco implemented coopmis sacco management system
Lilian Aluoch
CEO- Agro-Chem SACCO
CoopMIS- leading core banking system

Benefits to your SACCO

To grow your SACCO and members’ interests, you have to stay relevant to them forever. We are here to help you achieve that.

Benefits to your members

Offer your members more convenience and give them more reasons to stay loyal and active to the SACCO.

coopmis sacco management system

CoopMIS Benefits To SACCO Departments

CoopMIS is the SACCO management System that benefits evry core department of your SACCO

Why Choose Us

CoopMIS SACCO Management System Modules

Core Banking

Financial Management

HRM & Payroll

Electronic Document Management System

Business Intelligence



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SACCOs Using CoopMIS

The Best SACCO Management System Trusted by 29+ SACCOs Across Africa

Fortitude SACCO using CoopMIS as their core banking systme
Standard sacco
Kilele Sacco using CoopMIS sacco management software
Lake National SACCO uses CoopMIS
Limlak sacco
BAT Sacco runs on CoopMIS sacco management software
agro-chem sacco implemented coopmis sacco management system
Lubane SACCO uses CoopMIS SACCO Managemet System
Olive Joy sacco using CoopMIS
URA Staff SACCO runs on CoopMIS SACCO management system

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What other SACCOs say about CoopMIS SACCO management system

"I LOVE MY WORK MORE. I have told my colleagues often whenever there is an account that’s not balancing, “The problem cannot be Coopmis, it must be the user.” And upon checking the issue, it is always an instruction problem from our end. As far as accounting is concerned (accounting being my area of specialization) I would vouch for Coopmis any day anytime."
agro-chem sacco implemented coopmis sacco management system
Lilian Aluoch
CEO- Agro-Chem SACCO
"CoopMIS has elevated us to a level where we feel confident in the day-to-day management of our operations and I would not hesitate recommending to other Saccos to adopt and implement CoopMIS."
Sam Oluoch
ICT Manager- Fortitude SACCO

Simple Process To Your SACCO System Implementation

Understand Your Challenges

We will discuss with you to understand the challenges facing your SACCO and your goals for the SACCO.

System Demo

We conduct a practical and interactive demo of CoopMIS to show you how you can solve the challenges and achieve the SACCOs objectives using CoopMIS

System Implementation

After you are fully convinced that we are your best partners and approved by relevant authorities, we start implementing CoopMIS

Training & Support

Your team will be trained on how to use the system to achieve their tasks.

From here, we will also start giving you the full support you need in regards to the system

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