How Zoghori Sacco Improved Service Delivery To Members

How Zoghori Sacco Improved Service Delivery To Members

A summary about the orgnisation

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Zoghori Sacco is a business people’s Sacco based in Mombasa, and it incorporates all classes of the socio-economic dimension of Kenyan citizenship. The SACCO seeks to transform the lives of its members who join the Sacco and presented with opportunities and platforms to mobilize savings and access to affordable credit.

Zoghori SACCO currently serves over 4200 members with an asset base of over Kshs. 0.2 billion.


Challenges Faced By Zoghori Sacco.

Before engaging us, here are the key challenges faced by the Sacco;

  • Effective collections of members’ savings.
  • Service delivery to members.
  • Market penetration.
  • Record keeping and accessibility.
  • Compliance with regulatory frameworks.
  • Improving lending practices and driving mobile banking and mobile lending. Accommodation our growth in terms of members and assets base.
  • Timely reporting.


Why Zoghori Sacco Chose Us

We did our market research on the available systems and because we had several focus areas on what solution we were looking for, we ended up settling with Coretec due to affordability, robust infrastructure, proper support, cloud-based solution, easily scalable solution

Zachary Melchezedeck -ICT Manager, Zoghori Sacco



Zoghori Sacco’s Intended Income.

Our intentions were anchored on how best we could serve our members by providing them with a platform that would be accessible to them on a 24/7 basis.

We intended to introduce mobile banking, improve service delivery, improve record keeping, reporting, and compliance with the regulations which we have been able to do as a result of the migration to Coretec’s systems.




The solution has revolutionized our Sacco in terms of improved service to members, proper record keeping and reporting, robust mobile banking, and a hassle-free cloud-based solution.

Zachary Melchezedeck -ICT Manager, Zoghori Sacco

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