How Total SACCO improved its operations with CoopMIS

A summary about the orgnisation

Total Sacco is a cooperative society in Kenya serving over 400 members. They offer financial services to their members such as saving products and loan facilities. They have grown over the years since 1972 and have become a stable and reliable organization.

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Total Sacco had several needs as highlighted below and they sought after Coretec to come up with better and lasting solutions to solve their challenges.

  • They needed a cost-effective and reliable solution.
  • With the changing industry trends, they needed a solution that could adapt to future changes.
  • Due to the increase in cyber threats, Total Sacco required a highly secured solution.
  • They wanted to offer their members convenient services and hence needed a flexible and easily accessible solution.
  • They needed rich data from their members for products and policy decision-making.

Total Sacco chose to work with us in order to solve their challenges owing to the success stories of other SACCOs that have worked with us in the past.



To address the above issues, we came up with adaptable and agile solutions that would curb these challenges.

  • We introduced CoopMIS Sacco management software to Total which is cloud-based and cost-effective, considering they only pay for what they use.
  • We partnered with the leading Cybersecurity solutions provider to ensure the solutions had top-notch security features.
  • We offered Total Sacco a cloud-based solution for better accessibility. This enabled them to serve their members from anywhere at any given time hence saving their members’ time.
  • We made CoopMIS an agile solution that enables their operations to adapt to the current and future industry changes.
  • We included a business intelligence module on CoopMIS so that they can learn their members’ behaviors and make data-driven decisions.



After implementation, we took three months to monitor the solution and study if there were any needs for further improvements.

  • Total Sacco is able to serve their members better, by providing timely member statements and accurate credit appraisals for lending purposes.
  • Financial reports on Sacco’s performance are now easily accessible.
  • From business intelligence, they have gathered rich data on their member’s behaviors and trends for product-based decision-making.
  • From their customer surveys, they have seen a 50% improvement in their customer service efforts such as loan approval timelines.

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