How Lainisha SACCO improved their revenues by 85% and increased their membership by 75% using our solutions

A summary about the orgnisation

Formerly used to be Mwea Rice Farmers Sacco from 21st January 1993 at registration until November 2014 when they rebranded to Lainisha Sacco Society Ltd in the spirit of opening the common bond. Presently, the Sacco has over 5500 members and membership is open to other players in the economy like groups, boda boda riders, horticultural farmers, small-scale traders, business people, salaried people, corporate bodies, and institutions. Being a deposit-taking Sacco, the SACCO is licensed, supervised, and regulated by SASRA (Sacco Societies Regulatory Authority).

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  •  Increase membership size
  • To provide efficient and timely service delivery to members.
  • To increase members’ deposits through various alternate business channels



Lainisha Sacco had problems integrating the various service delivery channels and applications into the core banking system.


Solutions we offered

  • We implemented our mobile banking solution (M-SACCO) for Lainisha SACCO in order to offer their members more convenience.
  • We also offered our agency banking solution (Core-cash) so as to get their services to the unbanked and increase their member base.
  • M-SACCO and Core-cash were successfully integrated into Lainisha Sacco’s core banking system for proper operations and quality service delivery.
  • We always have a one-call-away professional support team to provide Lainisha SACCO with any assistance they may need regarding our solutions.



After implementation, we took some months to monitor the solution and study it better if there were any needs for further improvements.

  • Improved customer satisfaction by 75%
  • Increased Lainisha Sacco’s revenues by 85%
  • Reduced their operational costs by 60%
  • Helped grow Lainisha Sacco’s membership to members 75%

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