How Harambee SACCO used mobile banking solution to provide members convenient services.

m-sacco mobile banking solution

A summary about the orgnisation

Harambe SACCO is a cooperative in Kenya founded in 1970. Currently, it has a member base of over 80,851 SACCO members with an asset value of over Kshs. 19.5 billion making it amongst the top 10 leading SACCOs in the country.

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Harambe SACCO wanted to provide its SACCO members with convenient services.



With the increasing demand for convenient financial services by the members, the SACCO had to find a better way to serve its members. Considering members had a pool of choices on which SACCO to join, Harambee SACCO had to get a reliable solution so as to retain the members.

The SACCO chose to work with us to solve their challenges because of the success stories of other SACCOs that have worked with us in the past.



  • We provided Harambee Sacco with the M-Sacco mobile banking Android app and USSD option for members with no access to Android devices.
  • We also offer technical support and training to their team, in case of any technical issues experienced by their members while using the app.



After implementation, we took three months to monitor the solution and study it better if there was any need for further improvements.

  • Due to the convenient services to their members offered by M-SACCO, Harambee Sacco was able to retain their members and increase the number of active members by 20%
  • The number of loan applications from members increased by 30% and this was done through M-SACCO mobile banking.


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