Fortitude SACCO improved on their customer experience by 87%

Fortitude SACCO used CoopMIS core banking system and M-SACCO to improve customer experience by 87%

A summary about the orgnisation

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Fortitude SACCO is a cooperative society based in Kenya with over 1000 active members. Over the years the SACCO has grown both in membership and revenues, hence facing new challenges.



Here are the challenges faced by Fortitude SACCO

  •  There was no proper support from the service provider.
  •  The previous system was inconsistent in its reports
  •  The system was incompatible hence integration with mobile and agency banking systems was not possible.
  • The system lacked key features critical for monitoring operations i.e. audit trailing, maker checker process, etc.



The primary aim was to have an all-around system that would enable Fortitude SACCO to offer efficient services to members based on modern technology and at the same time, a system that can offer room for customization and integrations.



CoopMIS has enabled us to run the daily business operations effectively and efficiently.

A notable key milestone is M-SACCO mobile banking platform that has been very much appreciated and embraced by our members. It has rid them of traveling costs to the SACCO for services.


  • Improved customer satisfaction by 87%
  • Increase our revenues by 2%
  • Reduced our operational costs by 5%
  • Helped grow our membership base.



CoopMIS has in a big way enabled us to have a smooth and efficient operation.

M-SACCO has rid members on transport cost. When we were using the former system before we adopted CoopMIS, those earning salaries at FOSA had to travel to Sacco offices to access their salaries. Currently, they withdraw on their phones using M-SACCO.

This is a plus because there is no overcrowding in the banking hall when paying salaries and  the tellers workload has been reduced.

CoopMIS has elevated us to a level where we feel confident in the day-to-day management of our operations and I would not hesitate recommending to other Saccos to adopt and implement CoopMIS.

Sam Oluoch-ICT Manager at Fortitude SACCO.

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