Agro-Chem SACCO improved their service delivery using CoopMIS

Agrochem SACCO case study

A summary about the orgnisation

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Agro-Chem Sacco Society Limited is a savings and credit organization that was formed to help Agro Chemical & Food Company Limited employees save and acquire loans at modest interest rates in the year 1983.  The Sacco has since opened its common bond in order to accommodate all and sundry including; civil servants, business people employees from accredited institutions within Kenya.

The Sacco was formed to provide three basic Sacco loans to its members namely Development loans, School fees loans, and emergency loans.  Due to exploitation by commercial banks, Agro-Chem Sacco Limited introduced FOSA services to its members in the year 1999 with a total membership of 40.  This number has since grown to 1,500 with about 1,052 active members by 31/12/2021.



Prior to engaging Coretec, the SACCO used other software as a core banking system. The software however had numerous challenges including:

  • The system was upgraded to a web-based system but it was not been fully customized to the SACCO needs.
  • The upgraded version did not have mobile banking capabilities.
  • Maker checker property was not incorporated in transaction processing.
  • Poor support from the vendor.
  • Inability to undertake bank reconciliations through the system.
  • Inability to customize reports to user needs.


The above challenges led to the procurement of the current core banking system which has attempted to address several of these weaknesses.


Intended Outcomes

  • Controls during transaction processing- maker checker controls
  • Improved reporting- through report customization
  • Efficiency in service delivery- through virtual banking
  • Timely and reliable support from the vendor



  • Commission on withdrawals increased by 18% in the 1st half of 2022 compared to 2021 before rolling out mobile banking.
  • There is less traffic of customers in the banking hall even during salary paydays.
  • Members have appreciated this as it saves them time coming to the Sacco for transactions.
  • Staff appreciate as they are able to work from home, especially on reports.
  • Loan repayments through the mobile banking platform increased.
  • The growth rate for deposits and share subscriptions also increased by 2% in the 1st half of 2022 compared to 2021
  • Members are saving on statement fees since they are able to view this directly from their phones


What would you say to someone else who is considering CoopMIS?

This by far is the best solution the Sacco has offered its members, vendors & staff for all the problems they initially complained about. Prior to this, the Sacco had tried some other software. CoopMIS by Coretec is a solution in its own class. Superb Support from the team we were given. We appreciate all of you for always being hands-on with the support.

  • Lilian Aluoch- CEO, Agro-Chem SACCO


Bottom line, what has CoopMIS done for you as an individual?

I LOVE MY WORK MORE. I have told my colleagues often whenever there is an account that’s not balancing, “The problem cannot be Coopmis, it must be the user.” And upon checking the issue, it is always an instruction problem from our end. As far as accounting is concerned (accounting being my area of specialization) I would vouch for Coopmis any day anytime.

  • Lilian Aluoch- CEO, Agro-Chem SACCO


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